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Sgt. Swann's Private Files 98%

Sgt. Swann's Private Files
Ed Jerome, Glenn Swann, Ken, Rick Donovan, Ross, Scott O'Hare, Troy, Wayne
Published by jack142536
4 мес. назад
Comments (8)
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Shyblows 7 дней назад
Autolycus 3 мес. назад
I think I'm in love... [swoons]
jackman667 3 мес. назад
Thank you.  This was one of the first pornos I ever owned.  I have not seen it in years.  My favorite is the orgy on the bunk beds!
Shyblows 4 мес. назад
mercius 4 мес. назад
Glenn Swann was so hotttttt but, my favorite scene is with Rick Donovan I like the dialogue and, the fact the bottom is so eager
rhubarb10w 4 мес. назад
Hot JO scene in the middle.
rjboy 4 мес. назад
Shyblows 4 мес. назад
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